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Trasformatorio & Dyne.org

Sara moving a mountain at Trasformatorio #0

Sara, moving a mountain, Trasformatorio 2013

Hallo Folks!
Since late 2015 trasformatorio has been bridging with its good partner dyne.org and now is time to give the official announcement: trasformatorio is going to be an autonomous project of dyne.org. The artistic direction will stay Federico’s task, as he is working more on
dyne projects.

For those of you that did not yet know dyne she is a non-profit free software foundry, organised as a stichting in the Netherlands since 2005.  With more than 10 years of expertise in developing tools and narratives for community empowerment Dyne has always included ART as part of the research methodology.

We have partnered with dyne from the beginning of Trasformatorio, in 2012. Between the art related activities in her story dyne includes dynebolic, a distribution of linux for artists and activists, free-J, a libre VJ tool, the hosting for uncountable free software and art projects and being a true and recognised hub for open culture advocacy.
Between latest projects developed by dyne well inside the territory of arts I should mention, D-cent , on how the impact of alternative currencies is intertwined with the narratives that new technologies creates in societies
and ENTROPICAL.org, that is a project connected with permaculture ideals, were abstract value of creation is used to juxtapose with new paradigms in distributed energy usage and value of re-cycling.

Trasformatorio, from now on being a dyne.org hosted project, finally finds the non-profit organisational asset it was in need for in the most natural way. A wandering hack and performance lab within a think and do tank. I believe this is going to be a massive addition to the nature of both and will lead to new idea and their development. Personally I looking
forward for 2016 projects, were the re organisation of Trasformatorio will take place in the most factual way.

Thank you all that have sticked with us, we will meet around, on mountain paths, caves, lost buildings, fruit gardens, small trails. Warm our harts around a fire and a mesh network antenna, to exchange stories of old and for the carving of the new ones.


Do it yourself weather forecast and environment monitoring

meteo DIY

meteo DIY

Paolo Bonelli, a member of the group in Trasformatorio 2014 and a atmosphere physic is since sometime developing in Milan a project called “CoScienza Ambientale”.
the aim of the project is to put research and develop tools for DIY weather monitoring and forecast and to check air and water quality. The project aims to create tools that range from the barometer to the geiger counter with simple arduino based projects.
But not only. Aimed to develop also scientific and experimental attitudes in kids the project is12037994_890664484333329_5593345883808586961_n now extending into basic meteorology and other types of instruments. Last incarnation is a workshop were the task is to realise weather forecasts and realise instruments to do so.
Check also the page of the Aretha Project, a thermo-solar system easy and cheap to build and maintain that he build in trasformatorio and is now at its third version…

Aretha Italian page: https://www.facebook.com/ARETHAproject
Meteo workshop: http://wemake.fikket.com/event/previsioni-del-tempo-con-arduino

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Annabel Ha and Victor Diaz Barrales in their new adventures. Now Victor is driving! CircoLab is a great project, of an adventurous moving lab…

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A pleasure to be involved, as dyne.org into the organisation of the most exciting meeting of new media and video around. Soon, in Tolhuistuin..

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Trasformatorio & Dyne.org

We announce today that we packed up with dyne.org and from now on we will be a dyne.org ongoing project. Reed the news! http://www.trasformatorio.net/?p=2381

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Voice, drones, consciousness by Jagannathan Sampath

Good vibes from JAG at residence isea

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Residencesea - Sensing your Environment through Art

Jag Bot is a good friend of Trasformatorio, and has spend a month in Amsterdam with us and one in Palazzolo within the museum of working computer..

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Dimora OZ

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Einar Thorsteinn and Olafur Eliasson in conversation. The model room, directed by Terry Perk....


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Timeline Photos

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Check this out: a very nice design non tamper-able secure computer that is also cat friendly… in gorgeous black. Get the kit on kickstarter..

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Aretha Project - Pagina Italiana

Another prototype from Aretha Project. They made a long way since trasformatorio 2014!! Chech out their page for construction notes or their..

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T#1 is OFF

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T#1 Docs in process

Hello Folks,
T#1 ended and everyone is home safe. Busy times for me in the process of documenting these exceptional 2 weeks. It was hard. Many things happened and many amazing things have been developed in spite of bad weather, circumstances, obstacles etcetera. The most amazing for me is the spirit you all shared, the friendship we developed, the discoveries, the inspiration that will fill up my purposes for the next months, and I know yours as well.
For all the lurking bands of friends and foes alike, in the next weeks this site will gather a lot of informations on "stuff" done and thought of by all participating artists. Keep coming.
For my fellow trasformatoristas a big hug and a sincere "thank you" for being there all together, as peers.

T#1 gallery

  • photo by Klar Fender
  • Photo By Klar Fender
  • Argimusco operations by night photo by Annabel Hesselink
  • photo by (?)
  • installation by Elles Kiers, photo by Klar Fender
  • Photo by Klar Fender
  • photo by Klar Fender
  • Wondering about the last take... photo Klar Fender
  • Behind the scenes, Annabel Hesselink and Andrea Kantos photo Klar Fender
  • and it grew even more...
  • with a big hug to the best restaurant in montalbano town
  • a source of stories and kindness
  • photo by Klar Fender
  • the castle and the talk
  • photo by Klar Fender
  • Photo by Annabel Hesselink
  • Photo by Klar Fender
  • a recording studio improvised in the castle. A long list of gear we would have liked to have...
  • photo by (?)
  • sounds and happy moments with Yara Mekaway
  • Castle Jam
  • photo by Klar Fender
  • and the teremidi

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